We realized that, in order to innovate consistently and effectively, we needed a structured and strategic approach - one that could identify opportunities, guide creative ideation and manage the development of new concepts, while being resilient in the face of setbacks and adaptable to change in order to ensure successful implementation. Emerging technologies (artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, the internet of things) are always in our mind, and considering the environmental and social impact of our work is always a must.

We take part in innovation projects in partnership with companies in various fields like UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System), UAM (Urban Air Mobility), AI (Artificial Intelligence), anticipating and responding to customers' cutting edge tasks and autonomy needs, based on our IT background and interdisciplinary experience with our project team's exotic car CE certification experience.

One such partnership is with Embention on a potential project for our customers to convert an aircraft into a fully autonomous platform:

Embention and DDX Solutions, Innovation, and Business Partnership

A firefighting application of our project integrates location data from land / forest based fire detecting sensors in order to configure the autonomous air tanker's flight path. We provide consulting services for implementing monitoring solutions using sensors based on the particularity of our customers' land, forest and existing endowments, in correlation with techno-economic supply analysis.

Advantages of our firefighting autonomous unmanned system:

  • early detection provided by sensors and quasi-instantaneous system response
  • small number of air tankers needed and reduced load capacity
  • can be implemented efficiently with existing air tankers of any type
  • cost effective single engine air tanker alternative based on a conversion of extreme STOL aircraft of about 1000 kg load capacity
  • efficient prevention in sensor-determined risk areas: air tankers water spraying "focalized" missions and also using the same empty aircraft for cloud seeding and rain enhancement missions
  • forest photo screening, pests early combat and aerial burning for creating firebreaks mosaics
  • for the fire front precise targeting, possibility of launching guided water projectiles from any autonomous aircraft

Cost-effective of up to 1000 kg payload full autonomous STOL aircraft and cargo parachute low altitude delivery system able to operate simultaneously 3 to 5 aircraft, with up to 200 km control range.

Heavy cargo taking over and perspective of passenger transport certification, where a 100 to 150 m long runway is possible.

Efficient military logistic missions in conditions of ROC (Resistance Operating Concept) where such neighboring interconnected systems properly cover the national territory.